About Philosophy

Philosophy is an exciting new artist that promises to shake up the world of EDM. After witnessing an enormous shift in music, his intuition has driven him to create new twists in the electronic music scene. Philosophy is the stage alias of Tanner Feehan, a young Los Angeles artist taking on the world of music entertainment. The influence of chill-hop, future bass, electro-house, and atmospheric dance can be heard in his musical style. His style is reminiscent of those who have inspired him, like artists Flume, Mr. Carmack, and Martin Garrix.


Philosophy is a creative to the very core. His visual creations range from graphic design to full blown 3D projections. His best work is the visual immersion he displays supporting his performances.


Honing his creative chops in the L.A. emerging EDM scene, he has learned from the genres best.  Blending the underground creative sounds of dance, hip-hop, and dubstep, he continues to push boundaries in electronic music.


Philosophy performs unique mashups to truly excite his audience. He integrates live mixing, interactive drumming, and old school scratching to express the authenticity of his musical experience.

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